The Peer Mediators core curriculum includes a set of comprehensive, customizable manuals designed to guide you through the implementation and administration of the Peer Mediators program. The resources include the following manuals:

Program Implementation Guide

The Peer Mediators Implementation Guide provides an overview of the key questions to consider, resources to identify, and strategies to put in place as you develop your Peer Mediators program. Regardless whether you are setting up a program from scratch, already have some of the suggested mechanisms in place, or are building upon a currently existing program, this guide serves as an accessible, instructive quality assurance resource for your program.

Trainer’s Manual

The Peer Mediators Trainer’s Manual is broken down into several sections. It provides the trainer valuable training tips including information about curriculum delivery, training logistics, the trainer’s role, and follow up after the initial training is complete. The training curriculum itself is presented in twelve modules. The first three modules are designed to introduce students to each other, to conflict, and to the peer mediation process. Modules 4-12 are focused on very specific skill sets within peer mediation. These modules are designed for a 12-20 hour peer mediation training window and contain over one hundred training activities that support the curriculum's comprehensive set of learning objectives. For your convenience, an overview of each module's training objectives is included in Appendix A of the Manual.

Student Workbook

The Peer Mediators Student Workbook is a collection of all of the handouts corresponding to each training module’s specific activities. We encourage the trainer to customize the training activities that best suit your group, and to add in any additional worksheets or pages that s/he feels would assist students in the learning process.

To help ensure constructive conflict programming is accessible to all schools and students, free electronic versions of these resources are available! You may request your free digital copies using the form below.

Note: Once downloaded, please refrain from embedding or hosting the Peer Mediator curriculum on other websites. If you are interested in further sharing these resources with your networks, please feel free to link directly to this page or Thank you.

Printed Manuals & DVD Purchases

For those who may be interested, professionally bound copies of these manuals may also be available depending on current stock. Each Peer Mediators curriculum set includes one copy each of the Program Implementation Guide, Trainer's Manual, and Student Workbook, a DVD of all the Peer Mediators training videos, and a CD containing electronic versions of the three manuals. Curriculum sets may be ordered for $50, plus shipping. Orders inquiries, including bulk pricing options and pre-purchase invoice requests, are accepted via email.