Thank you for your interest in previewing and providing feedback on the new Conflict Games resource!

Below, you can access an early review copy of the Conflict Games materials for Peer Mediators. This document provides information for nearly 30 conflict skills-related games designed for youth in grades 6-8. (Many of these games can be adjusted to meet the learning needs of youth slightly younger or older than those within grades 6-8.)

As you review the materials and/or test them with youth in your schools or youth-serving organizations, we look forward to your feedback. Your input will help the Games Development Team refine the materials and enhance their overall impact for participating youth. As part of your access, you have agreed to provide feedback to the team by October 31, 2014. Please share your feedback by this date using the official Feedback Form.

To facilitate your review of the games, you may download and/or print the document linked below. Please refrain from further distributing this document, however, as this early draft is not intended for public distribution. A final, publicly available version will be published to the Peer Mediators website after we have incorporated your feedback and prepared the completed collection in its final format. Thank you for respecting this limitation and our process for the remaining work yet to be completed.