Welcome to Peer Mediators - A Complete School Curriculum! We're proud to share this exciting and extensive collection of peer mediation training resource with all those who seek to help youth more constructively engage peer conflicts. The Peer Mediators curriculum combines common program and training objectives from over a dozen peer mediation curricula and draws upon various standards and best practices guidelines from the realms of youth development, peer mediation, and conflict resolution. Peer Mediators represents the collected expertise and passions of dozens of peer mediation trainers, practitioners, and researchers from around the world. Their combined efforts have produced this comprehensive curriculum that can be adopted, customized, and embedded within nearly any school environment. Most excitingly, we are able to offer you this standout resource at the very budget friendly rate of FREE!

Whether you're a school administrator or faculty member, engaged parent, forward-thinking student, or community partner, this curriculum is designed to turn your interests in peer mediation into a fully-operational and sustainable local program to address school conflicts. We invite you to review the many components of the Peer Mediators curriculum, engage its growing practitioner community, and share this exciting resource with others who may benefit from its implementation.

Peer Mediators Resource Components

Regardless whether you are establishing a program from scratch, already have some of the suggested mechanisms in place, or are building upon a currently existing program, the Program Implementation Guide serves as an accessible, instructive quality assurance resource for your peer mediation program.

Peer Mediation Course

Need to build up or refresh yourself on the basics of conflict theory and peer mediation before leading your school's initiative? Register for our 30+ hour online course which mixes convenient self-directed content with interactive group meetings. In five short weeks, you'll be head of the class and ready to lead!

The Peer Mediators Trainer’s Guide includes valuable information about curriculum delivery, logistics, the trainer’s role, and post-training follow-up. Presented in twelve modules and customizable for a 12-20 hour training schedule, this guide supports a comprehensive set of peer mediation learning objectives.

Peer mediation programs abound, but support networks, unfortunately, haven't. Until now! Our Forum connects you with colleagues leading Peer Mediators programs near and far. Ask questions, share wisdom, and stay connected with all the latest field developments and freshest resources.

Combining both famed and fresh content, the Peer Mediators Student Workbook provides peer mediators-in-training an engaging and instructive learning resource. Activities, handouts, role plays, and surveys can be mixed and matched to support the learning objectives and logistic needs of your specific program.

Tune-in to training videos that inform both the mediators and their leaders! The Peer Mediators videos introduce the curriculum's resources, provide advocacy examples, highlight key procedural components, and demonstrate the power of the peer mediation process.